Macy Harris

Age: 14 yrs

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Eye color: brown

Star Sign: Cancer

Our Protagonist, Macy feels things intensely and is guided by her strong emotions. She struggles to act like the type of girl people imagine her to be, while maintaining her own sense of identity. This has made her somewhat spiteful of society, but she also desperately wants people to like her. The summer before her freshman year of high school, Macy found an ancient spellbook in the woods outside Folley, and she took it as a sign to change her life forever. In her pursuit of learning magic, she’s forged a friendship with Holly, and the rest is the comic! Macy is autistic, and her special interests are vintage soft rock, guitars, and–most recently–witchcraft.

Holly Hertzmann

Age: 14 yrs

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Eye color: brown

Star Sign: Capricorn

Our deuteragonist and Macy’s love interest, Holly struggles to express herself or decipher her own emotions, let alone the feelings of other people. For most of her life, she was the big bad school bully and regarded with either fear or scorn by her peers. That all changed when she was assigned a seat next to Macy Harris in their homeroom class. Holly doesn’t trust easily, but once she opens up to someone, she is a loyal friend. Her current goal is to keep Macy from destroying herself during all this witchcraft stuff. Holly has a bad memory, and her grades are terrible, but she’s actually very smart. Left to her own devices, she likes to spend hours building robots.

Lila Garretson

Age: 14 (and a half!)

Ethnicity: probably like Dutch or something idk

Eye color: blue

Star Sign: Libra

Our antagonist–if there is such a thing–Lila has an intense fear of abandonment and a disdain for humanity. She was Macy’s childhood best friend, and she knew everything about her, until the other girl became a witch and met Holly Hertzmann. Currently, she would do anything to keep Macy by her side. Lila hates people, but she knows a lot about them. She has a nasty habit of telling her friends the worst things about themselves, to their faces. Lila also likes using Myspace, going to concerts, and she collects indie pop-punk albums.

Tyler McHenessy

Age: 25

Ethnicity: Irish

Eye color: Green

Star Sign: Gemini

Tyler is Holly’s closest friend, former babysitter, and also the town mechanic. She’s a hopeless romantic and a shameless flirt. Her confidence both inspires and embarrasses the hell out of Holly. But whatever the case, Tyler is always around to give advice about cars, or girls, or anything else a baby butch needs.

Russel Phillips-Ortega

Age: 14

Ethnicity: Trinidadian and Mexican (Biracial)

Eye color: brown

Star Sign: Cancer

Russel cares a surprising amount about what other people think of him. He likes to talk, and when he’s anxious he runs his mouth even more. He is best friends with Jess, and the two are often inseparable and annoying. Currently, Russel has managed to befriend Holly Hertzmann through mutual jerkass-ery, and thusly gotten himself wrapped up in witchcraft by proxy. He cares about his friends, his hair, and Gerard Way—in that order. Russel also likes cataloguing weird indie music. He collects cassette tapes filled with songs he records from the radio. Aside from Lila, Russel is one of Macy’s oldest and closest friends.

Jess Kelley

Age: 15

Ethnicity: Irish

Eye color: hazel

Star Sign: Leo

Purposefully vague and weird, Jess knows that everyone likes it better when they understand the world less. Jess has cultivated a very esoteric persona for themself. Sometimes it’s true that they’re not all there, but just because Jess doesn’t talk doesn’t mean they can’t hear you. Jess is Russel’s childhood best friend and neighbor, making Jess one of Macy’s oldest friends by association. A good listener and an equally skilled tailor, though they mostly sew clothes that they never wear. Their partial fursuit (ears and tail) are also their own creation. Jess’ fursona is a red fox named Jester.